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Sri Lankan Spicy Canned Beef Curry 425g

Sri Lankan Spicy Canned Beef Curry 425g

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We use the freshest beef sourced from farmers who adhere to clean production methods. Our Sri Lankan-style beef curry is made using only the freshest ingredients, including spices and natural components, without any artificial ingredients or flavors, ensuring an authentic and traditional taste.

Our Sri Lankan-style spicy beef curry is prepared traditionally, ensuring authentic flavor. We pride ourselves on producing our beef curry in a clean factory environment, guaranteeing that it is tasty, fresh, and hygienic.

This 425g can serves up to 4 people, making it a convenient and delicious meal option.

How to Prepare:

Simply open the can and transfer its contents into a pan. Heat until it boils, then serve. If using a microwave, place the contents into a microwave-safe container and heat on medium for 5 minutes.

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